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We take award-winning Sales and Marketing expertise and fully integrate it with industry-leading Technology that delivers more than a promise.

Think of us as a hybrid supercar that gives you unprecedented horsepower, handling, and efficiency—and always accelerates you straight into the high occupancy lane.

What makes Bluespire Senior Marketing (formerly Martino & Binzer) unique? Why should you work with us? Strap in and hold on tight.

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First, we merge three key components:

  • Award-winning, lead-generating SENIOR MARKETING—We know our audiences and how to speak to them. And how to create the impetus that gets them to take action. Learn more about our unique approach to Marketing.
  • CCRC SALES support from seasoned senior living strategists (say that ten times fast). Your dedicated sales consultant doesn’t just know Sales, he or she specifically knows what sells Senior Living. (Even by the seashore.) Learn more about our unique approach to Sales.
  • The most sophisticated, customized, user-friendly, DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY—aka Intelligence. Aka Performance Measurement—actual, quantifiable, real-time results-tracking and reporting. Learn more about our unique approach to Technology.

Each of these three specialties is a competency that’s challenging enough to find on its own. That’s why Bluespire Senior Marketing is unique: Not only do we excel at each of these services (here’s proof), we integrate them for a higher yield and lower overall cost. (Lower cost thanks to our sophisticated Technology and the fact you only need to work with us and no one else.)

Contact us now. Request a Free Website Audit. Connect with a Sales Expert. Or just Request Information. Follow us @SeniorMktgPros on Twitter. Come kick our tires. Let us show you our custom Community Center dashboard. Experience high performance without the high price.


Contact Us now to discuss what we can do especially for you. Connect with a Sales Expert. Request a Free Website Audit. Or just Request Information. Follow us @SeniorMktgPros on Twitter.

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